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                Evaluation Software


                SensorStudio is a custom application designed to capture, analyze and demonstrate images. SensorStudio does not have to be used with a frame grabber. You can read in image files from disk. Plugins (DLLs) are used to interface SensorStudio to a sensor and frame grabber combination. SensorStudio uses a defined communication mechanism, called the frame grabber API, to talk to all hardware. To support a sensor and frame grabber combination the appropriate plugin will implement the receiving end of the frame grabber API. The plugin is a self contained unit which controls and captures images from the hardware.

                Currently National Instruments PCI1424 frame grabber and Truesense Imaging USB CDU systems are supported capture devices used with Sensor Studio 2.

                A Python interpreter is embedded within SensorStudio. Python is a very powerful programming language which can be used to create complex programs or simple scripts to automate repetitive tasks. You are free to develop scripts outside SensorStudio with tools like IDLE and then run the scripts within SensorStudio. One of the greatest features of Python is its extensibility. SensorStudio contains many extensions to allow users to control and manipulate image capture and data.

                Download Sensor Studio Software

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