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                A letter from TSI's CEO --ON Semiconductor to Acquire Truesense Imaging, Inc.


                April 3, 2014

                Dear Valued Truesense Imaging Customers,


                It is with great excitement that I inform you of important news regarding the Truesense Imaging business.  Yesterday, ON Semiconductor announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire Truesense Imaging from Platinum Equity.  This is a tremendously positive step forward for all involved.

                我懷著無比激動的心情要通知大家一個關於Truesense Imaging(以下簡稱”TSI”)的重没有设定好按时发布要新聞。昨天,安森美半導體公司宣布簽署最終協議,從美國¤私募基金鉑金資本(Platinum Equity)手中收購TSI。這對所有人來說都是向前邁出的積極一步。

                Platinum Equity completes a successful investment in our business and helps us become part of a world-class global semiconductor company.  ON Semiconductor, through the acquisition, significantly expands its image sensor business and participation in industrial and medical applications, consistent with its corporate objectives and strategies.  Our business, as part of ON Semiconductor, will enjoy an even broader product portfolio, access to additional technologies, increased product development capability and manufacturing capability, and access to ON’s worldwide logistics and sales channel.  All of which enables us to offer our customers the world’s broadest portfolio of high-performance image sensors in both CCD and CMOS technologies.  For our customers, our suppliers, and our employees this is exceptional news.

                鉑金資本成功的完成了對我們的投資並幫助我們成為了世界一流的全球半導體公▼司中的一部分。安森美半導體㊣公司通過收購,在很大程度上擴展了她的圖像傳感器業務,並⊙且包括參與工業和醫療領域應用,符合其企業的目標∩和策略。作為安森美半女人導體公司的一部分,我們將享受更★加廣泛的產品組合,獲得怎么那么多人喜欢白西装啊更多的技術支持,提升產品研發和生產能ㄨ力,以及獲得安森美的全球物流和銷△售渠道。所有這些都將使我們●能夠為我們的客戶提供更@廣泛的世界一流的高性能CCDCMOS圖像♀傳感器技術。這對於ξ 我們的客戶,供應商以及我們的員工來♀說,都無疑是一個特別好的消息。

                Over the coming weeks we will be working to finalize many aspects of this acquisition.  As more details become available, we will keep you informed through future communications.  In the meantime business remains as usual.  You can continue to place orders and make payments as you have been.


                I am convinced that joining a world class semiconductor company like ON Semiconductor will make us a better, stronger business and I am more excited than ever about the possibilities that the future holds.  If you have questions after reviewing this information, please do not hesitate to contact me, your local sales manager, or our customer service team.





                Christopher McNiffe

                CEO,  Truesense Imaging, Inc.

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